Box Office Weekend Report: CARRIE

  1. GRAVITY: $30,027,000
  2. CAPTAIN PHILLIPS: $16,400,000
  3. CARRIE: $16,100,000


For the third week in the row, GRAVITY takes the lead at the Box Office with a little over $30 million. This weekend however, CARRIE was my focus. From watching the trailer, I had a feeling the film was going to be a let down. I wanted to be proven wrong, but that did not happen.

Frankly, I believe the role was a little too big for actress Chloe Grace Moretz. At many times, she came across as acting and not as the actual role. It was not her fault though because many actors in this film seemed they were acting more than anything. Even though they are actors, the audience should not notice they are acting. The audience has to believe that the actors are actually the characters they are trying to portray. This fault lies in the hands of director, Kimberly Peirce. If she didn’t direct the actors further into the characters, then I guess she was focusing on something else. This is the reason the film fell short for me. I wanted 2013 Carrie White to be more psychologically driven, which would of still kept the story the same, but would of brought a different dimension to the character. Peirce basically left everything the same from the first CARRIE film in 1976. Even the iconic prom night scene was not impressive. That was Peirce’s chance to blow the 1976 film to dust, and that didn’t happen. That scene needed more gore.

The only thing that was truly incredible was Julianne Moore. She stole the film from Moretz. Her portrayal of Margaret White was more psychological and that was what Moretz was missing.


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