Box Office Weekend Report: GRAVITY

  1. GRAVITY: $55,550,000
  3. RUNNER RUNNER: $7,600,000gravity-movie-poster

GRAVITY opened to an amazing $55.6 million, which made a new record for any film released in October. GRAVITY surpassed ahead of 2011’s PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 ($52.6 million).

This film is Sandra Bullock’s first sci-fi film, and it definitely paid off. This is the highest opening start ever for Bullock.

GRAVITY has been one of the best, if not the best, of 2013. I smell Oscar nominations for Sandra Bullock as well as for special effects.

It is not your typical film. It truly takes you in the characters’ point of view, which is not shown much in films anymore. You feel as if you are floating in space alongside Bullock and Clooney. Something that caught my eye was the fact of how we were able to empathized with the characters, especially Bullock’s character. Not to spoil too much if you haven’t seen the film yet, but there is a point that Bullock says she is not feeling well. As she was spinning and drifting away, the visuals were making me a bit dizzy, and I was able to evoke a bit of what she was feeling.

This film was five years in the making, but the question is… Was it worth spending five years on this film? Absolutely! This film is an innovation and a ground breaker for sci-fi films. My guess is that sci-fi films will up the ante because of this film. I highly recommend watching this film!

Seems like GRAVITY was the only film that debuted successfully. RUNNER RUNNER was not able to hold the second position and totally flopped. You would think that Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake would bring in a decent amount of people to theaters, but we were proven wrong.


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