Box Office Weekend Report: Thor: The Dark World

  1. THOR: THE DARK WORLD: $85,737,841
  2. BAD GRANDPA: $11,326,977
  3. FREE BIRDS: $11,112,063thor_the_dark_world_ver2

It was a no-brainer that THOR: THE DARK WORLD took the lead in this weekend’s Box Office. Thor: The Dark World took in $85.7 million surpassing the first THOR (2011) opening by nearly $20 million. That significant push was thanks to THE AVENGERS (2012).

I highly recommend this film to be watched in 3D mainly for two reasons. The first reason is that Disney/Marvel added a special 5 minute clip from the upcoming film CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER (2014). That is something you will not see in a regular theatre. That 5 minute clip is full of action and intensity. It leaves you wanting more. The second reason for watching the film in 3D is for the great special effects and the special makeup effects. As far as makeup goes, several characters were scary looking but yet beautiful cinematically. Malekith is probably the only one that looks different from the comics. However, he is probably the coolest looking dark elf I have ever seen. The other dark elves were awesome to watch as well with those great masks. As soon as I saw them, it reminded me of Vega from Killer Instinct. Just the mask of course.

Certain special effects blew me away with the creativity and how phenomenal it looked. There is some form of vortex that they throw to each other during battle. That vortex sucks in the character, but the way it does it is as if it is ripping the body apart. Seeing the dangerous Aether, which is the liquid Jane Foster encounters, in 3D was impressive as well.

This film had many comic relief moments which usually don’t work in certain films, but definitely worked here. It was all thanks to Kat Dennings.

As far as the script goes, it fell a bit weak for me. There were certain scenes and character choices that definitely had to be changed around. I believe they were more sold on doing all the special effects and to make the film cinematically awesome. That may have been the case, but the script could of been stronger.

Overall, if you see this film, make sure it’s in 3D. Also, make sure you stay until after the credits! There are 2 ending credit scenes that are rather interesting.


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